About Rounds Imaging Services LLC

Dave Rounds is the owner and founder of Rounds Imaging Services LLC. Dave has been involved in the photographic arts since his college days when he first began processing slide film in his dorm room sink. Throughout a career as a software engineer he's kept a foot in film and the analog process while exploring the emerging field of digital photography. Dave started Rounds Imaging Services with the goal of providing digital scanning services for photos, slides and film. Soon film processing and digital printing services were added. Throughout it all he continued to take photos whenever possible. Many of these photos were of family and friends that captured their precious lifetime stories. Like most people he discovered his personal photographic history was literally "all over the place".

With a background in software engineering, his love of photography and thousands of precious images of his own, photo organizing was a natural fit. Rounds Imaging has expanded it's photographic support services with the aim to help others organize their scanned treasures along with tomorrows digital keepers. Organizing and protecting your ever expanding photographic history is the first step in making these memories the important part of your life they deserve to be. As we help organize your photo albums and digital images we'll explore the ever expanding ways to share your images with the people you know and love. Whether it's publishing services, slide shows, books or framed prints Rounds Imaging Services LLC can help.