Xmas 1954 Dave 21/2 yr.

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Photo Organization

Rounds Imaging Services LLC provides Photo Organization or DAM (Digital Asset Management) services designed to help take control of your photo collection. Every family has a photographic history. Families often have photographs that span many generations. It's important to preserve these precious photos and integrate them into a digital family archive. These family photos tell unique stories that can help future generations know and appreciate their history.

Managing the flood of images produced today is a difficult task. Digital photography provides organizational tools that can help manage your family historical photo record including digital images. Not all our images taken today are worth saving. It's important to find the keepers, preserve them and weave them into the family history. Part of this process involves writing identifying information directly into your digital images. This permanently stores important information about the image in the image itself. This is much like writing on the back of photos in yester years.

Cataloging software for digital images is central to the Rounds Imaging Photo Organization solution. Investing in the right image software to organize and use your digital photos is extremely important. This is a decision that can have long term ramifications for sharing your precious photo family archive today as well as passing it on to the next generation. Rounds Imaging provides the consultation services needed to select and use the most appropriate cataloging software solution that meets your unique requirements.

Photo and Film Scanning

Rounds Imaging Services LLC provides digital scanning of printed photos, documents, color negative film, color slides and black and white film up to 8x10. Work is performed locally using film and flatbed scanners providing the perfect way to archive and share your precious childhood memories and slide collections. For fragile documents or photos we offer "touchless" on site camera scanning and digital processing.

Home Movie Transfer

Rounds imaging Services LLC partners with the specialized services to transfer your precious home movies from any medium to DVD.

Image Printing, Matting and Framing

Rounds Imaging Services LLC offers Epson UltraChrome HDR inkjet print services for digital images (including scanned photos) and mounting services using Conservation grade materials.

Film Processing

<hr/> Rounds Imaging Services LLC offers film processing of C-41 color negative and E-6 color slides in 35mm, 120/220 and 4x5 formats by special arrangement. All film processing work is done on site using single use chemistry. Contact us for a personal quote and to discuss a processing schedule that ensures the highest quality film processing. For those photographers continuing to shoot film it's now possible to have your film developed and scanned at an attractive price.