The photos in these albums were contributed by members of the Peace Corp who volunteered in Nepal during the 1960's and 1970's. These photos were taken by the volunteers in country during that time period and donated to the Nepal Peace Corp Project which was established by Doug and Kate Hall in 2015. During the project Dave Rounds at RoundsImaging Services provided scanning and web presentation services. The goal was to create a searchable collection of images depicting life in Nepal at this time. All images added to the collection were required to be fully annotated and copyright free. This resulted in the collection hosted here.

During collection phase of the project those who wished to contribute, would send their slides or scans to Doug and Kate Hall who would curate the contributions. If slides were contributed, Doug and Kate would prepare the slides for scanning. Dave Rounds at RoundsImaging would scan the slides and post the images to the contributors online comment gallery . Contributors would review each slide online and add information to identify the time, place and any individuals they could recall. This information was then emailed to Doug Hall who would insert it into the metadata for each image. Dave Rounds would then repost the now fully annotated images into the contributors Gallery and integrate the metadata into the high resolution scanned image.